Safety Trained Supervisor

Program Overview

The Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) certification provides a means for individuals and employers to verify safety and health knowledge important for first-line supervisors, managers, and any person with safety responsibilities. Workplace safety is enhanced the more employees are required to be knowledgeable of basic safety standards and practices.

Individuals who pursue the STS generally work in transportation, utilities and manufacturing. The program also includes workers in facility services, health care social assistants, administrative and support management, and maintenance.

STS Candidates:

  • Are managers at any level.
  • Are first-line supervisors of work groups or organization units.
  • Have safety responsibilities for a work group that is part of other work duties.
  • Have safety responsibilities that are adjunct, collateral or ancillary to their job duties. Their main job duties are in a craft or trade, leadership, supervision or management, or a technical specialty.
  • Help employers implement safety programs at the worker level through supervisory, safety committee or similar safety and health leadership roles. Safety tasks often include monitoring for job hazards, helping ensure regulatory compliance, training employees in safety practices, performing safety documentation tasks, coordinating corrections for identified safety hazards within or among work groups, and communicating with safety specialists or management.

Education and Work Experience

The STS requires applicants to meet minimum education and experience requirements. The applicant must have 30 hours of safety, health and environmental training along with two (2) years of supervisory experience or four (4) years of work experience related to the STS industry.

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